Students & Young Researchers

DIOXIN 2016 FIRENZE will dedicate some special attention to Students and Young Researchers.

STUDENTS: people born after January 1st, 1987 and able to provide a valid official student certificate.

YOUNG RESEARCHERS: people born after January 1st, 1976.

Post Plenary Students’ Sessions
Directly following the morning Plenary Session, there will be a special session with “Five minute presentations by five Students” who will present their selected abstracts.
Students should indicate their availability for an oral presentation, while submitting the abstract and are also welcome to propose papers to be selected for the sessions.

Young Researcher and/or Students in each Conference Session
In every session, DIOXIN 2016 FIRENZE hopes to have a Young Researcher and/or Student as a Speaker.
Students, as well as scientists that are younger than 40, should indicate, while submitting the abstract, their availability for oral presentation.
In the final programme the lectures given by Students and Young Researchers will be indicated in a different color.

Fellowship Grants
The Organization will provide Fellowship Grants by means of a lump sum to:

- 15 Students grants of Euros 500
- 15 Young Researchers, born between January 1st, 1976 and December 31st, 1986, grants of Euros 1.000

For application please refer to the criteria listed at the bottom of this page.
The deadline for application is April 15th, 2016.


1. Registration to the Conference
While proceeding with your on-line Registration, you will be asked to provide the documents to actually prove your Student’s status.

2. Accommodation
If you register within April 15th, you will have higher probability to be granted a special rate of Euros 35 per night for accommodation at one of the Hall of Residences in Florence.
This rate includes: 1 linen kit, free wi-fi access, air conditioning in the room and cleaning both upon arrival and departure.
While registering on-line, don’t forget to choose the actual nights you are planning to spend in Florence in the chapter “3.Other services”.

3. Awards
The Otto Hutzinger Student Award is presented for outstanding student presentations at the annual Dioxin Symposium to acknowledge their scientific contribution to the field of halogenated persistent organic pollutants. This award honours Professor Otto Hutzinger as the initiator of the Dioxin Symposia and his continuing interest as a teacher and researcher committed to moving science forward and to stimulating young students and the next generation of scientists. Six awards will be granted to two students in each of the following three categories:
A. Sources and analysis of legacy and emerging POPs
B. Environmental occurrence of halogenated persistent organic pollutants
C. Human exposure, toxicology and risk assessment of POPs
The Otto Hutzinger Student Award will be presented by the International Advisory Board of the Dioxin Symposia on Friday September 2nd 2016. The award consists of a plaque reflecting a local aspect of the current year’s Dioxin Symposium and a cash check. The winners’ names will be published on the Symposium’s website after the event.

The grants are available ONLY for people living in the Countries included in the range between Low-income economies ($1,045 or less) and Lower-middle-income economies ($1,046 to $4,125) classified by World Bank Data Click here to see the list of countries

Please refer to the official link before applying:

Information to supply in order to submit your application:

a. Updated Curriculum Vitae
b. Formal copy of documents certifying degree/s
c. List of publications
d. Job position, if any
e. Any other useful document to facilitate selection

The judgement and final decisions of the Committee are indisputable and unquestionable.

Applications must be sent to the following e-mail address:

The deadline for application is April 15th, 2016
More information available soon